Eco-conscious future

At Coast Group Limited, we are steadfastly dedicated to creating a more eco-conscious future. 

We have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to minimise waste and reduce energy consumption, redefining our manufacturing processes for eco-friendliness. 

By looking for changes that stand the test of time, we empower our staff and clients to make choices with our sustainable products and services. Recognising that change begins with us, we are actively transforming our supply chain to prioritise responsible sourcing and redefining our corporate culture to foster the well-being of our employees and their communities.

Climb to Paperless

Exhibition hire and the rest of The Coast Group Whanau are stepping closer to becoming paperless by using Ipads and or tablets. With the world moving more online we are striving to move with them. Our coordinators have been assigned tablets to use when on site rather than printing the paperwork for each event. We are putting more systems in place to make the tablets as user friendly as possible so all departments in Coast Group no longer need to print the paperwork and utilise the tablets.

Recycled Plastic Products

As of recently Exhibition hire are working closely with Critical Clearstone to help us create products to offer for hire. Cleanstone from Critical is a sustainable product made in Aotearoa from 100% reclaimed NZ plastic waste. Our plan is to use our existing customisable metal framing and the recycled plastic panels to create counters/counter tops to offer our clients for hire. This will replace our melteca and perspex items that are not durable enough for the constant dismantling and transporting and this results in constraint upkeep / replacing.

Cleaning products in our offices

As of lately we have put into play replacing all of our office cleaning products to more eco friendly products. This has started in our largest base in Auckland and is making its way out to our Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch Branches. This may be a small change that won't affect our day to day running but we feel that every little step keeps us moving forward in the fight against climate change.


When Exhibition Hire joined forces with Displayworks, Showlight & Power, Carpet & Rug ect. to form Coast Group it has helped reduce the amount of vehicles we send out to each job. This not only reduces costs for the us and the event organiser, it has reduced our admissions per event.


We encourage our clients to reduce single print items by offering options that are more durable and environmentally friendly. One of these options include a Velcro Fabric Banner that can be attached our velcro receptive panels and once the event is over it can be pulled off the wall, folded up and used for the next event. If the client does not have the budget for a Fabric Banner we can offer to print on Corpak. This is a single use board that is made out of recycled cardboard and it can be recycled even after being printed on with our eco friendly ink.