CINZ Meetings 2019

CINZ Meetings and EHS

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2019 CINZ Meetings was another successful event for EHS and Coast Group.

This annual event saw EHS’s design team work long and hard on our concept for our ‘Recharge Lounge’.
We went for a classic concept of using height and space. Structurally the framework was made from Maxima with a mix of Acrylic and corflute panels to diffuse light and provide branding opportunities. We wanted to showcase our new furniture which was celebrated well with a mix of timbers finishes and natural plants.

We accompanied all our products with some specialist lighting from our team at Show light and Power, with our ‘Hero’ piece on the floor created by our Carpet and Rug team. Guests had the ability to enjoy all this with a refreshing juice served up behind the Juice Bar with the custom made 2.6mm LED frontage.